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Trajectories of Practice Across Time:
Moving Beyond the Histories of Landscape Architecture

Landscape Research Journal
with Mariel Collard

Dane Carlson & Mariel Collard-Arias (2021) Trajectories of practice across time: moving beyond the histories of landscape architecture, Landscape Research, DOI: 10.1080/01426397.2021.1989393

“The established histories of landscape architecture are incongruous with emerging bodies of critical landscape practice. In response, we argue that, rather than adding more non euro-western case studies to an existing so-called canon, a different model for positioning our practices within and across time is needed. This model is founded in the understanding of landscape as a continuum of shifting relations across past, present, future. To illustrate, we turn to two examples of landscape making practice in North America that engage across time by intentionally situating their work within the landscape continuum. We do not present these as case studies to be absorbed by a discipline, but as examples for how our own landscape practices might engage with and across time. No history belongs to us. We belong to a continuum of landscape making spanning past, present, and many futures.”